Leader training

Our SVP, Dan Jessup, leading a discussion about why we do what we do in a YL club with a brand new YL leader team in Belize. Our Senior Leadership Team put on a club so the new Belize volunteer leaders could see and experience a club they could replicate.



Colombia Camp

Summer camp in Colombia a few weeks ago…amazing work happening in this country by some heroic world changers!



An update from Fernando in the DR…lives are being transformed and heaven is celebrating!

DR camp

Camp 4 #jesuseslameta 209 Jóvenes, 70% de ellos confesaron a Jesús!!! Toda la Gloria y el Honor a Jesucristo.

Camp 4 #jesusisthegoal 209 kids, 70% of them confessed to Jesus!!! All the Glory and Honor to Jesus Christ.